Product Design

Prototyping and Drawing

The right product starts with the right plan, and in Dinamika Polimerindo we don’t just draw, but we ask this question before when we are designing a product:

  • How is the part to be used?
  • How does it fit to other parts in the assembly?
  • What loads will it experience in use?

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Quality assurance

The international standard for quality management, customer satisfaction, and cuntinuous improvement.

Mould Workshop

We have our own workshop for designing and manufacturing mold, also for maintenance and repair. Design of plastic injection mold plays a large role in production process that affects the functional and strtuctural of the product itself. How the molten plastic enters, fills and cools within the cavity to form the product, resulting in great product which is easier to manufacture and assemble. In Dinamika Polimerindo, we do best to deliver high quality product in time through comprehensive analysis and effective process.

With over 20 years of experience, our team always strtive for excellence in providing products and services to our clients.